canxkoz I am currently working as a computer vision engineer at Grayscale AI focusing on event-based vision. I have been working remotely as a researcher at Visual Design and Enineering Lab (VDEL) in the Mechanical Engineering Department at CMU since March 2020. I have been advised by Prof. Levent Burak Kara, Wentai Zhang, and Kevin Ferguson. My recent interests are in computer vision for autonomous driving, embodied artificial intelligence, and geometric & neuromorphic deep learning. I draw inspiration from intelligence in humans and nature while I attempt to solve multidisciplinary problems using machine learning. My long-term goal is to develop perception models that can generalize and estimate future events, allowing intelligent agents to be aware of their environment and interact with it as efficiently and robustly as humans do.

Previously, I have attended and was awarded at several hackathons in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I worked with undergraduate CS students from UC Berkeley, Stanford and MIT on projects at the intersection of machine learning, healthcare, and finance. Click here to see my projects!

Over the past couple of years, I have also taken non-degree machine learning courses on Coursera. I have completed Deep Learning Specialization, AI for Medicine Specialization and Self-Driving Cars Specialization. I am currently learning financial machine learning and building high frequency trading bots.

I am a proud mentor at AI for Medicine Specialization and a member of Learning on Graphs and Geometry Reading Group (LoGaG).