physyou TreeHacks
your AI-powered physical therapist, anywhere.

Can Koz, Yi Zu, Ian Perez, Leslie Hwang

physyou is an asynchronous Telehealth platform for physical therapists to prescribe physical exercises, monitor the accuracy and completion rate of prescribed exercises. Patients can access the prescribed exercises and record their attempts in completing the exercise to verify the accuracy of their completed exercise.

DevPost App GitHub Youtube Demo Feb 2021

COVID Analyst HackNow
AI-powered targeted analytics for the COVID-19 pandemic

Can Koz, Marina Tai, John Javad Roostaei, Kadin Zhang

COVID Analyst uses machine learning and spatial data analytics with a combination of reliable data sources and research publications to give you an address-level risk heatmap of COVID-19 in your area. In addition, it scrapes credible news outlets to give you a feed of news in your area and an AI-powered chatbot will answer any questions you may have about COVID-19.

DevPost Website GitHub Youtube Demo Apr 2020

PocketAnalyst Cal Hacks
PocketAnalyst puts the brain of financial analysts in your pocket to help you navigate the world of financial markets.

Raymond Lee, Can Koz, Scott Moses Sunarto, ‌Matt Katz,

PocketAnalyst is a Facebook messenger and Telegram chatbot that puts the brain of a financial analyst into your pockets, a buddy to help you navigate the investment world with the tap of your keyboard. Considering that two billion people around the world are unbanked, yet many of them have access to cell/smart phones, we see this as a big opportunity to push towards shaping the world into a more egalitarian future.

DevPost GitHub Oct 2019

FixEye Health++
Low resource areas lack preventive and screening services, which causes millions of deaths per year. Our mission is to detect chronic diseases through non-invasive retinal scans.

Can Koz, Schahrouz Kakavand, Sanjiv Soni,

The device uses the existing smartphone camera in combination with a fundus / infrared camera module to capture a retinal image. This retinal image is used to predict the risk of diabetes and heart failure - two of the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. It can help patients take preventive steps before the disease progresses, thereby saving costs for the healthcare system, time for the healthcare worker and valuable years of life for the patient.

DevPost GitHub Nov 2019

No More TV Ads! TreeHacks
Advertisements suck. Especially when you are trying to relax. We built a product which filters out ads from live TV.

Sayan Paul, Ethan Steinberg Can Koz, Anant Chandra,

Our team decided to take a step towards solving this problem by creating software which detects and then mutes advertisements from live TV video streams.

DevPost GitHub Nov 2019

School Projects

Computer Vision for Autonomous Driving Course

Can Koz

Assignments that I have completed about Stereo Estimation, Multi-view Reconstruction, Optical Flow Estimation, Scene Flow estimation, Visual Odometry, Object Detection, Visual Object Tracking, Multiple Object Tracking and Semantic Segmentation along with video explanations. You can also find 12 paper reviews that I wrote about topics mentioned above. This repository also contains my favourite assignments from Self Driving Cars Specialization.

GitHub Mar 2022

Pixar Animation

Can Koz, Adnan Cobanoglu

Pixar animation created in Cinema 4D, Adobe Substance 3D Painter and Unity. This project uses Unity’s built-in Ray Tracing. Luxo Jr moves with respect to key frames. Objects can also be spawned from the sky and falls down due to gravity.

GitHub YouTube Demo Presentation May 2022

Captcha Solver - Data Privacy and Security

Can Koz, Aleyna Kütük, Ece Alptekin, Mehmet Üstek, Simge Özdemir

Breaking Text Based Captcha using CNNs. In this project we suggest a method for creating unsolvable Captcha by deep learning methods.

GitHub Jan 2022

Banking Application

Can Koz, Arda Erlik

iOS Project: Banking application written in Swift programming language that uses Google Firebase as backend.

GitHub YouTube Demo Jan 2022

Prodkin Gorski Channel Alignment

Can Koz,

Applying image processing techniques on Prokudin-Gorskii glass plate images to automatically produce a color image with as few visual artifacts as possible. In order to do this, I extract the three color channel images, place them on top of each other, and align them so that they form a single RGB color image.

GitHub Jun 2019

Sudoku Solver

Can Koz,

Solving Sudoku using Bruteforce and Backtracking. Implementation of backtracking algorithm in C++.

GitHub May 2019